hOur Exchange

Access to the Arts

hOur Exchange (HXP) is excited to offer members access to some of the best arts and entertainment in the area! Many professional artists and performers offer their services for time credits. HXP offers artisans and crafters the opportunity for mentorship, workshops, group discounts and group marketing. This is a program that has been successful in the past and we are working to restore it.

Access to Health Care

Health care is one of the most utilized services in hOur Exchange. There are many health services currently offered through HXP, ranging from comprehensive mental health and counseling services to herbal medicine, traditional allopathic medicine consults, energy therapies, exercise partners, nutritional consults, bodywork, midwifery and childbirth support, and meditation. There are also many services available through HXP that can help support you during an illness or injury, such as transportation to medical appointments, or a fresh-cooked meal delivered to your home.

Access to Education

Education and self-improvement are the keys to success. You can learn new skills, take classes and work with private tutors as a member of hOur Exchange. You can also take sustainability workshops for time credits with member organizations like Portland Permaculture or reach out to a member who can teach you a skill you would like to learn.

Farm-to-Pantry Network

Designed as a way to help buttress food security in Maine, HXP's FTPN is a nimble response system helping farmers get fresh and often organic produce in and out of the ground, as well as delivered to and between food pantries. Activities we need more members to help with (and earn Time Dollars by doing) include: weeding, planting, picking and post-harvest picking (a.k.a. gleaning), as well as transporting fresh produce to and between food pantries. To be put on the list of those informed of opportunities to help, which will often arise on short notice, or with any questions or a desire for more info, contact hOur Exchange at

What's your passion?

You can get involved in any of these service areas to help sustain and grow them, recruit others to join them, or utilize hOur Exchange to create your own program. In the past members have utilized HXP to create their own community building programs like recycling, garden swaps, and computers for kids, and you can too! There is no limit to what we can do when we work together.